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This is the "Dataset Census Entry" form, which we have designed for contributors to use to add a new entry to our dataset list. By "entry" we mean metadata about a specific dataset that (a) contains information from or about social media or online communities and (b) is available for use by people other than those who originally collected it.

What belongs in the dataset census?

  • Text files with content from social media
  • A SQL database of an online discussion board
  • See examples of other datasets

See other examples of datasets.

What does NOT belong?

  • API specs
  • Information about platforms
  • Private data that's not available for re-use
  • Personal information

Instructions for Data Entry

First register to contribute to the census. This can be done by clicking on the login hyperlink in the top right of the screen and following on-screen instructions. Next add an entry using the text box below. Follow the instructions provided on-screen. Finally, make sure to verify that you do not create a record for an already cataloged dataset.

Add an Entry

To get started, enter a name for the dataset below. If a dataset with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit it.